Second OOC Session Account

Date of Session: October 2011

Our heroes arrived at Kreutzhofen, having survived an assassination attempt by the assassins of the Ordo Vendicarum, sent by an unknown agent within the Officio Assassinorum, a secretive branch of State-sanctioned assassins. They have learned that the assassins are assigned to an Octus, or cell, of 8 assassins. All of the assassins are assigned the task of assassinating the same target(s), so the heroes wait for the other seven…..

Running short of coin, the heroes have taken up the job offer by Asterellion Dewleaf, a Loren elven “artist” in residence in Kreutzhofen recharging his artistic juices. He has heard word of bandit activity in the Montdidier Pass, and that said bandits have taken a caravan load of rare Elven art and crafts, fine Bretonnian wine, and other commodities. He is intent on making sure these items get to where they belong,and has offered the party “top coin” to retrieve the items.

The party sets off early the next morning, making good time up through the pass. They are halted, however, by the Dwarves of Karak Norn, who stop them and indicate the area ahead is crawling with horrid creatures and demons, and that the mine just off the pass has fallen. The Hold has mobilized, however, their numbers are few. The PCs, who count Dwarf-friends among them (both Mencia and Gottfried are such) offer to assist the dwarves in taking back the mine. The dwarves take them up on the offer, and take them back to Karak Norn to get them properly outfitted. George Canton, the black smith of the party, stays behind after impressing the dwarves suitably as a “human” engineer and smith. He is tasked with repairing armor and weapons, and in exchange will be taught some dwarven techniques for smelting, weapon smithing,and armor smithing. The remainder of the party, consisting of Gottfried, Ivan, and Mencia head back to the mine, getting back around nightfall. They set up camp and are into their watch schedule when something attacks them from the depths of the mine…

Second OOC Session Account

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