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A Grim World of Perilous Adventure

Sigmar’s Empire A Brief Gazeteer of the Empire
Races of the Empire A Primer on the Races Found in and around the Empire
Religions of the Empire Those who would be Gods
Organizations of the Empire The Organizations that Move and Shake the Empire
Maps of the Empire Maps of the Empire and Other Places of Note


The Epic Saga

The Heroes of our Tale Details about the PCs
Their Deeds of Infamy Out-of-Character accounts of each session
In Their Own Words In-Character Journals


Out-of-Character Information

Character Creation Rules for Creating Characters for Sanguine Tears
Experience and Advancement How to Advance through Careers and Spend XP, Provided You Survive!
House Rules House Rules in Use for the Warhammer 2E System
GM Techniques Stuff I Do to Stay Organized!


Main Page

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