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Dark times have fallen upon Sigmar’s children. The Scion of Sigmar, a young man who bore the Mark of Sigmar, was slain outside Altdorf under the very nose of the Grand Theogonist himself by Asrai from Athel Loren, the same Asrai whom our band of adventurers escorted to Altdorf. The Capital city is in chaos as the peasants and nobles alike call for a formal declaration of war against the Asrai. Violence has plagued the city in the aftermath of the Fall, and the Watch are hard pressed as the Might of Sigmar’s Army begins to mobilize back to war footing, so soon after the events of the Storm of Chaos. The Emperor has fallen ill as Mannslieb has been partially eclipsed by the Chaos moon Morrslieb, and even the Shallyans cannot find the reason for his illness.

In the South, harvests have been much more meager than in years past as famine threatens to grip the land. Violence against the nobles has increased ten-fold, and they have increased both tax and toll in order to pay for their private armies. The people of the South fear a massed Asrai attack over the passes between Athel Loren and Sigmar’s Empire, and the Dwarves who guard these passes are embroiled with their own battles as creatures crawl from the depths of their mines, claiming the life of all that stand in their way. Many mines have fallen to the creatures, who threaten to take control of the Underways.

In the North, Middenheim reels from the onslaught of minions of Chaos that have fought their way up through the Fauschlag, and have killed many people in the process. Demons are said to walk below the streets, and the Sewer Jacks ranks have been decimated by an unknown foe. Creatures most foul have began daring raids on Empire settlements in the North and East, spill out from the Brass Keep. The Lord of End Times himself is said to be behind it all.

It is the end of Autumn in the Year of Our Lord Sigmar 2523. The Beloved of Mannan has taken on a blood red hue as the Chaos moon, Morrslieb, hangs motionless in front of it. Winter is coming, and it may be the fall of Mankind.

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